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About Goto DUI School

Everyone makes mistakes. Plain and simple. Getting a DUI or DWI is not only hard on you, but on your family as well. Getting through all of your court requirements can take weeks, months, or even years. The last thing you need after paying all of your court fines, legal fees and other costs is losing your job because you have to take time off work for DUI classes.

Thankfully, Goto DUI School is here for you! Our program allows you to complete your court ordered DUI and DWI classes online from home anytime, day or night. We know you've thought long and hard about driving under the influence, it's time to get this behind you and move on with your life!

How Online DUI School Works

Goto DUI School was created hand in hand with the court system to allow DUI and DWI offenders to complete their court ordered DUI Course requirements in a more convenient environment.

Our program is available anywhere you can access the internet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and even on holidays. Once you choose your class and register you can begin immediately and progress at your own pace, saving your progress anytime. Every class is broken down into easy to follow lesson plans, giving you control of your class schedule.

Don't worry about passing or failing our program. All of our tests and quizzes can be retaken if you aren't able to get a passing grade the first time.

The coursework in all of our classes is designed to cover all of the court requirements for driving under the influence, driving while intoxicated and minor in possession of alcohol classes. After you complete your course you will be provided with a free completion certificate to turn into the court. (FedEx and other expedited delivery options are available)

Goto DUI School is so confident that our program will work for you that we have an unconditional 100% money back guarantee. If you're not happy with our program for any reason we will refund your money immediately, no strings attached.

With nothing to lose, it's time to get your court required DUI and DWI classes done and finally move on with your life! Choose your class below and you can get started right away.

What People Are Saying

See why our DUI classes have received 635 reviews for a rating of 4.82 out of 5!

Why Our Customers Love Us

I would highly recommend this material to not just convicted people with a DUI but to all people. Parents, schools, teenagers, churches with programs for teens. My experience with this program was physically and emotionally moving. The videos were very vivid on making a statement on how drinking and driving can devastate a person or persons life. I have learned alot from this program in will pass on the knowledge you have shared with me to everyone. I will reach out for those who lack such knowledge and in hopes i can change and safe lives by doing so.
Frank M.
This course was better than any sit around class room. it got me to dig deep into myself! thank you for this oppurtunity. i would highly recommend this course
Robert H.
i would highly recommend this to others the stories were really close to home and really made me think about and pay more attction to the other drivers on the road.
Tyler S.

Available DUI Classes

Victim Impact Panel
Class Level Price  
  Victims Impact Panel 1 $49.00
Class Level Price  
  8 Hour Alcohol Awareness 1 $129.00
  10 Hour Alcohol Awareness 2 $139.00
  12 Hour Alcohol Awareness 2 $149.00
  14 Hour Alcohol Awareness 2 $179.00
  16 Hour Alcohol Awareness 2 $199.00
  20 Hour Alcohol Awareness 2 $229.00
  21 Hour Alcohol Awareness 2 $249.00
  22 Hour Alcohol Awareness 3 $259.00
  24 Hour Alcohol Awareness 3 $269.00
  32 Hour Alcohol Awareness 3 $279.00
  40 Hour Alcohol Awareness 3 $329.00
  48 Hour Alcohol Awareness 3 $399.00
  54 Hour Alcohol Awareness 3 $459.00
  56 Hour Alcohol Awareness 1 $479.00
  60 Hour Alcohol Awareness 3 $499.00
  66 Hour Alcohol Awareness 3 $599.00
  72 Hour Alcohol Awareness 3 $999.00
DUI 1st Offender
Class Level Price  
  3 Month 1st Offender Program 1 $499.00
  6 Month 1st Offender Program 1 $799.00
  9 Month 1st Offender Program 1 $999.00
  12 Month 2nd Offender Program 1 $1099.00
  18 Month 1st Offender Program 1 $1199.00
  18 Month 2nd Offender Program 1 $1299.00
Minor In Possession
Class Level Price  
  4 Hour MIP Awareness 1 $79.00
  8 Hour MIP Awareness 1 $129.00
  12 Hour MIP Awareness 2 $179.00
  16 Hour MIP Awareness 2 $229.00
  24 Hour MIP Awareness 3 $279.00