This Friday: Drunk Driving
Posted by Charles Esslinger on Jun 20th, 2014
  Last week, a suburban Cleveland man had a run-in with police near a drunk-driving checkpoint in Parma, OH. Usually, situations like these involve alcohol, drugs, or prior warrants. This time, however, it had more to do with free speech than intoxicated driving. Douglas Odolecki, 43, received a citation last Friday for warning motorists of an upcoming DUI checkpoint. Throughout Friday night, Odolecki stood several blocks from the checkpoint...

Repeat Drunk Drivers
Posted by Charles Esslinger on Jun 13th, 2014
  After several years of debate, “Vince's Law” is now one step closer to becoming implemented in the state of New York. This Wednesday, the state Senate approved a measure that would increase penalties for those who have been convicted of three or more driving while intoxicated offenses within a 15-year period. Under the bill, , intoxicated drivers who have had three or more prior DWI convictions will face a class D felony for any subseq...

Drunk Driving, Memorial Day, and Judicial Misconduct
Posted by Charles Esslinger on May 30th, 2014
  Memorial Day weekend, like many other holidays in the United States, typically involves a lot of traveling and heavy traffic. In Georgia, thousands of people were out and about during their weekend off, many of whom had been drinking. The difference between making it home safe or not, at least for many, comes down to whether or not you drive home intoxicated. In 2012, over 300 people in Georgia died in alcohol-related traffic collisions. M...

Playing Both Sides
Posted by Charles Esslinger on May 23rd, 2014
  Over the past couple of decades, Coca-Cola has formed partnerships with numerous anti-drunk driving organizations. In 1996, the soft-drink conglomerate teamed up with Walmart to donate over a quarter of a million dollars to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). In 1997, the company partnered with Walmart again, giving the anti-drunk driving organization 15 cents for every case of soda sold in Walmart stores over a six-week period. As recently...

New Laws for Drunk Drivers
Posted by Charles Esslinger on May 16th, 2014
  Today, the Philippines' Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) released new rules and regulations for motorists driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The implementing rules and regulations (IRR), which fall under the Drunk and Drugged Driving Act, will go into effect on June 1. The new law, which was jointly crafted by the the Transportation and Communications Secretary Jun Abaya, National Police Commission Chairm...

Drunk Driving and its Impact on Children
Posted by Charles Esslinger on May 9th, 2014
  Each year, thousands of people die in traffic accidents that involve drunk or intoxicated driving. Not all of them, however, are adults. According to a new study from the Erie Family Health Center in Chicago, the majority of children who died in alcohol-related car accidents were riding in the same car as the impaired driver. The study, which was lead by Dr. Kyran Quinlan, found that even though the trend seemed to holdup from a national persp...

Drunk Driving Deaths in Florida
Posted by Charles Esslinger on May 2nd, 2014
  Earlier this month, Hallandale Beach native Kayla Mendoza was charged with DUI manslaughter and vehicular homicide for her role in the deaths of Kaitlyn Ferrante and Marisa Catronio. Mendoza, 21, has since garnered a great deal of national attention, much of which has focused on her partying lifestyle. On November 17, Mendoza went out for drinks with co-workers from her T-Mobile sales job. Even though she was 20 years old at the time, her ...

Arizona Court Overturns Marijuana Ruling
Posted by Charles Esslinger on Apr 25th, 2014
  According to the Arizona Supreme Court, authorities can no long prosecute motorists for driving under the influence of marijuana unless the person is impaired at the time of the stop. The ruling, which overturned a state Court of Appeals decision from last year, means that authorities can no long prosecute marijuana users for DUI if there is no evidence of impairment. In Arizona, the debate over medical marijuana has always been contentious. S...

Drunk Driving Victims and Offenders
Posted by Charles Esslinger on Apr 18th, 2014
  During his long, successful career, Los Angeles Police Department motorcycle officer Chris Cortijo arrested over 3,000 DUI suspects. The 27-year police veteran, who also served in the U.S. Marine Corps, was a two-time LAPD officer of the year. Sadly, this Wednesday, Cortijo died after being hit by a diver who was high on cocaine. The person responsible for Cortijo's death is 33-year-old Qaneak Shaney Cobb. According to prosecutors, Cobb wa...

The Legal Side of Drunk Driving
Posted by Charles Esslinger on Apr 11th, 2014
  Even though the state juvenile prison in Murphysboro, IL has been closed for nearly two years, some lawmakers think it can still be put to good use. In Gov. Pat Quinn's new budget proposal, the facility is scheduled to be reopened and used as a statewide prison for drunk driving offenders. According to the governor's budget officer, there are currently 2,500 inmates serving time in the state's prison system for multiple drunk driving offen...

On-The-Job Drunk Driving
Posted by Charles Esslinger on Apr 4th, 2014
  Last month, Carl H. Lupton was arrested for drunk driving while operating a buss full of schoolchildren. Unfortunately, this wasn't he's first time he's been accused of driving under the influence. The 57-year-old has faced multiple intoxicated driving charges in the past and was convicted of DUI in 2006. Apparently, Lupton's employer, Butler's Bus Service, knew all about his transgressions before they decided to hire him. So far, Lupton h...

DUI Deaths Under-Reported
Posted by Charles Esslinger on Mar 28th, 2014
  Even though considerable progress has been made in the fight against drunk driving over the last couple of decades, it now appears as though the number of DUI deaths in the United States is vastly under-reported. A new study from the U.S. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism indicates that alcohol-related traffic deaths are disproportionately underrepresented on official documents such as death certificates. “Alcohol misuse is ...

Drunk Drivers Making News
Posted by Charles Esslinger on Mar 21st, 2014
  Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay is facing four felony counts of possession of a controlled substance after being arrested late Sunday night on suspicion of intoxicated driving. According to the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, Irsay was stopped in the northern Indianapolis suburb of Carmel after police observed him driving at a slow rate of speed, stopping in a roadway, and failing to signal a turn. As police approached Irsay's vehicle...

The Young Victims of Drunk Driving
Posted by Charles Esslinger on Mar 14th, 2014
  Josiah Caden Jenkins was pronounced dead around 8 a.m. Tuesday morning after being injured in a collision involving an intoxicated driver. The 3-year-old and his mother, Latoya Jenkins, were struck by a drunk driver around 10 p.m. Friday night on North Springs Road in Columbia, South Carolina. According to Josiah's great uncle, Columbia Fire Chief Aubrey Jenkins, the boy and his mother were out that evening to celebrate Josiah's appearance in...

Delayed Justice
Posted by Charles Esslinger on Mar 7th, 2014
  In 1996, Kyung Ho Song was charged with the drunk driving death of of a Chicago woman. To avoid punishment, the South Korean businessman posted a low bond, liquidated over $1 million in assets, and fled to his native country. Since then, he's lived a relatively luxurious life in South Korea, with seemingly no regard for his past crimes. Until now... This Wednesday, Song was taken into FBI custody during a delayed return flight to O'Hare Intern...

Celebrity Sentencing
Posted by Charles Esslinger on Feb 28th, 2014
  As you might know, Justin Bieber was arrested last month on charges of drag racing and DUI. Although the details of his arrest weren't immediately clear, more and more information has since been released. This week, prosecutors handed over several video clips of Bieber inside the Miami Beach police station, where the pop singer was held after he was arrested. In one of the videos, law enforcement officers are shown asking Bieber to walk a ...

This Week's Drunk Drivers
Posted by Charles Esslinger on Feb 21st, 2014
  Todd Harrell, founding member and bassist of the band 3 Doors Down, was arrested in Mississippi Tuesday night on a DUI charge. Unfortunately, this isn't a first for Harrell. The bassist is already facing a vehicular homicide case in Tennessee. According to law enforcement, Harrell was found “slumped over the steering wheel of his vehicle,” by officers responding to calls about an impaired driver. “On arrival our officers made contact...

Wrong-way Driver Kills Six
Posted by Charles Esslinger on Feb 14th, 2014
  Earlier this week, a suspected drunk driver was arrested after causing the deaths of six people in Diamond Bar, California. Olivia Carolee Culbreath, 21, was arrested early Sunday morning on suspicion of driving under the influence and felony manslaughter. She is currently at the Los Angeles County / USC Medical center, where she's recovering from a ruptured bladder and a broken femur. Prior to the tragic collision, Culbreath, who is from Font...

SCDOT and Dirty DUI's
Posted by Charles Esslinger on Feb 7th, 2014
  Recently released dashboard video of the arrest of South Carolina's former Department of Transportation director probably won't be doing him any favors. The video shows Robert St. Onge telling the arresting trooper that even though he had some vodka the night before, he was not currently impaired. St. Onge, 66, was pulled over by a Lexington County deputy on Interstate 20 around 8 a.m. last Friday. The deputy, who was later assisted by a s...

Reconsidering DUI Laws
Posted by Charles Esslinger on Jan 31st, 2014
  A year after cost concerns ended a proposal to make more drunk driving crimes count as felonies, some Washington lawmakers are once again pushing for change. The state's Senate Law & Justice Committee recently held a hearing to consider Senate Bill 6090, which would make a DUI offense a felony after the fourth time a person has been caught driving under the influence. Under current laws, it takes 5 DUI offenses for a person to receive felony ...

Celebrity DUI News
Posted by Charles Esslinger on Jan 24th, 2014
  Beliebers aren't going to be happy about this... Justin Bieber, 19, was arrested early Thursday morning on charges of DUI, driving with an expired license, and resisting arrest. According to multiple reports, Bieber was initially pulled over for drag racing in a residential area of Miami Beach, FL – he was driving between 55 and 60 mph in a 30 mph zone. When police officers approached his vehicle, a rented (bright yellow) Lamborghini, it...

Too Fast, Too Drunk
Posted by Charles Esslinger on Jan 17th, 2014
  William Cady, 25, appeared in a San Diego court room earlier this week to face six criminal charges, including three counts of gross vehicular manslaughter and three counts of gross bodily injury. The charges, which could lead to serious prison time, all stem from a Jan. 10 crash that killed three people. According to prosecutors, the deadly crash was preceded by a long night of drinking. Last Friday, Cady and five of his buddies started thei...

DUI's in 2013
Posted by Charles Esslinger on Jan 10th, 2014
  Although the DUI numbers for 2013 will probably take a while to compile and analyze, there are some early indications of progress. States throughout the country have already started releasing their annual arrest numbers, and so far, the data looks promising. For the first time in a decade, Arizona saw a drop in the number of its drunk driving arrests. According to a report from the Governor's Office of Highway Safety, which compiles data...

When Justice Fails
Posted by Charles Esslinger on Dec 20th, 2013
  At this point, pretty much everyone has heard about Ethan Couch – he's the 16-year-old kid from Keller, Texas that was spared a prison sentence for his role in the drunk driving deaths of four pedestrians. For some reason, the presiding judge in Couch's case, District Judge Jean Boyd, went out of her way to protect the affluent teen, claiming he was simply a product of his environment. In the media, his “condition” has been termed “afflue...

A Drunk Ambulance Driver
Posted by Charles Esslinger on Dec 13th, 2013
  Regardless of who you are, the choice to drive drunk is both dangerous and irresponsible. However, there are some people that should be held to a higher moral standard. Police officers and judges, for instance, are expected to protect and serve the public. When people in their position drive drunk, it doesn't only endanger the lives of others, it undermines the entire system. When it comes to ambulance drivers, who are counted on to provide sa...