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Celebrity DUI News
Posted by Charles Esslinger on Jan 24th, 2014

Justin Bieber arrested on DUI charges:

Beliebers aren't going to be happy about this...

Justin Bieber, 19, was arrested early Thursday morning on charges of DUI, driving with an expired license, and resisting arrest. According to multiple reports, Bieber was initially pulled over for drag racing in a residential area of Miami Beach, FL – he was driving between 55 and 60 mph in a 30 mph zone. When police officers approached his vehicle, a rented (bright yellow) Lamborghini, it became clear that the young pop star was not only driving dangerously, he was driving drunk.

In Bieber's police report, arresting officers claimed that he was incoherent and uncooperative. “I immediately smelled an odor of alcohol emanating from[the] driver's breath and bloodshot eyes,” read the report. “The driver had slow deliberate movements and a stuper [sic] look on his face... I asked the driver to exit the vehicle to continue my investigation of a possible impaired driver. The driver stated: 'Why the f**k are you doing this?'” When an officer tried to perform a routine pat down, Bieber responded by saying, “I ain't got no f**king weapons, why do you have to search me? What the f**k is this about?”

Eventually, after he was forced by police to cooperate, Bieber performed and failed field sobriety test. He was then taken into police custody, where he was charged and later released. At a news conference, officials claimed that “[Justin] made statements [about how] he had consumed alcohol, been smoking marijuana, and consumed some prescription medication.” According to police, Def Jam artist Khalil Sharief, who was racing with Bieber, was also taken into custody and charged.

You can find more information on Bieber's arrest, including a video and mug shots, here.

Retired NFL player convicted of intoxication manslaughter:

This Wednesday, former Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Josh Brent was convicted of intoxication manslaughter for his role in the death of teammate and friend Jerry Brown. The conviction, which took the jury two days to decide, means that Brent will face up to 20 years in prison.

Throughout Brent's trial, the main point of contention was whether or not he was intoxicated on the night of Jerry Brown's death. According to prosecutors, there is no doubt that Brent was drunk when he crashed his Mercedes in December 2012, tragically killing Brown. Court documents show that Brent's blood alcohol level was found to be 0.18 percent in the aftermath of the crash, which is more than twice the legal limit for drivers in Texas. Prior to the crash, it is believed that Brent had as many as 17 drinks.

As you might expect, Brent's attorneys have claimed that their client was not drinking on the night of the crash. They say that Brent's high blood alcohol content was caused by a faulty blood test and the only thing he's “guilty of being stupid behind the wheel of a car.” However, that doesn't explain why there's video evidence of Brent holding champagne bottles at a club prior to the crash, not to mention his credit card receipts, which indicate that he bought three bottles that night. There is also dash cam footage of Brent losing his balance and slurring his words during a field sobriety test.

In the words of prosecutors Jason Hermus and Heath Harris, this was a textbook case of intoxication manslaughter. In their closing argument, Hermus told jurors that they should send a message about the danger posed by drunken drivers. “They shouldn't be driving, no exceptions, no excuses,” Hermus said.

Even though Brent no longer plays for the Cowboys, his connection with the team has been prominent throughout the trial. Current players attended the proceedings to show support for Brent, and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones even issued a statement regarding the trial. “Certainly it's tragic,” Jones said. “We've all, to some degree, have been a part of this. We support Josh. This has been just a terrible experience for the families who lost a loved one and for Josh who loved Jerry as well.”

Brent, who left the NFL in July for legal reasons, played 12 games during the 2012 NFL Season. He was a teammate of Jerry Brown in both the NFL and at the University of Illinois.


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