Customer Testimonials
R. Mable
It was a great experience. I would and will recommend this site to anyone in need of said services. Thank you.
J. Czerkawski
I think that you offer a valuable service, very easy to use. would highly recommend this online course to anyone!
D. Holman
This was informative and makes you realize the damage you could cause when drinking and driving
S. Winkelmann
I though this DUI class was amazing very well directed and also very informative.
J. Robertson
the services were great for someone who work a job like me. yes I would recommend to others.
D. Pittman
Because I live in another state from where I was convicted of my DUI this course helped me complete the necessary steps of repentance and education while still allowing me to live my life. It saved me money and pain. Thank you so much.
P. Gill
Very informitive and eye opening
G. Atkins
Great course opened my eyes to make me realize what I did.
C. Jackson
The service was very good. Yes, I would recommend you to others.
J. Costa
I liked this program and recomend it to others that are not able to leave work. It was a simple way to do the councling.
W. Hancock
its the best thank you all i love it
G. Gebreyohhanes
great course
B. Pounders
The impact panel has opened my eyes. Thank you a lot of information everyone should know.
G. Rivera
yes recommend
M. Farley
This course has been a real eye opening experience and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a course online.
B. Felder
Very knowledgeable, convinient
M. Manheim
Yes I would recommend your course for those people that are to busy to take time off of work to physically go and do the course.
S. Vancs
yes i would recommend you to anybody needing assistance in this area
J. Adams
I really appreciate the low cost of the course and yes you will probably be recommended to others. But that depends on what you do after this point.
M. Wyatt
Thank you very much. This has been a very helpful experience. Thank you again.
R. Schoeberl
i recommend this class
E. Merrifield
Working with was great experience and I learned a lot from the lessons and I will recommend it to all my friends and people that may be in the same situation as I was. Thank You
J. Marine
I think this site was a perfect site for me because it allowed me so much time to work on it because im very busy during the week with two jobs and work the weekends as well so was able to work on this site on my breaks.
D. Draves
I think I actually got more out of this than I would have going to a classroom environment. Enjoyed the videos too.
J. Amisano
I think your dui class was great. It has helped me out alot, and im so glad that i could finally take this class and it was at my own pace, i would recommend it to everyone that has to take the course. it was very informative and helpful..thank you
D. Mcclain
Both the information and manner that it is presented is very well done. I would highly recommend it to others.
L. Stumpfhauser
Very useful for California compliance. It is really the only way to keep from moving there for three months.
P. Moen
Thanks it was useful and informative
C. Connelly
Was very knowledgeable and your testimonies have taught me to never, ever drink and drive ever again. Thank everyone for testimonies!
L. Smith
I believe that this course is very informative and has alot of knowledge to offer, even is you are not required to take it. I am glad I took this class and I believe I am a safer and better person because of it.
B. Lane
It was good course that really got the point across.
J. Clark
Great Experience!!! Makes you think about the true affects of what DWI 's do to the innocent and how it can affect thier lives forever.
B. Tyson
W. Leisy
I really liked the online option and found Go To DUI school was very easy to use and response to my questions was very quick
S. Stocker
this was a great learning experience
E. Crawford
This was a great class for me to take. I really loved the fact that I could take it on my own time and therefore didn't have to miss work because of it. The material was very educational and I feel that I learned quite a bit in this course.
J. Jester
The format was easy to follow and informational. This service was very convenient for someone who can't get around because of a license supension, and doesn't have access to a local service that provides these classes. Thanks again.
D. Berg
The services are helpful. Even though they are more expensive you can do it on your own time.
V. Crane
great program, very informational
B. Green
this is a great program for people that dont have the time to be in a class it was straight forward and fairly easy to understand i would recommend this for anyone
K. Aldrich
It was a real eye opener on drinking an driving.yes I would recommend this site.
G. Goss
I really enjoyed the course I took. It was very educational and practical. The videos, statistics and other lessons were very concise and to the point. Would recommend your services to anyone any day.
J. Bullard
I learned a lot with this online course, especially watching the videos. I would recommend this to others thank you
C. Arquette
This is a very good course. The videos were well done and really made me think about the potential results of drinking and driving. I especially appreciated the ability to take ths course on my schedule in my home.
A. Mueller
I recommend more of these testimonials be part of societies continues educational messages in place of the glorified alcohol advertisements being seen on our TV for all ages to see
M. Cassidy
I thought that the course was very complete and thought provoking. Requiring the essays I believe is essential though can be painful to relive the past but an "in your face" experience. The course is self explanatory and easy to navigate. No question I would recommend to others.
M. Moynihan
Great classes learned alot about DUI after the class you will think twice about drinking and driving and how your life could change in a matter of seconds. (Not what you think) I would highly recommend this course to everyone who drinks and thinks about driving. It could save your life or someone else's.
R. Campanile
it teaches u a lot i really liked it i would recommend to everyone
C. Compton
I just want to say thanks an yes i will let all one i come in contact with with your program.
J. Smith
The services where easy to understand and very helpful with my problems.
M. Cagle
Your service are very good at making it very clear on the law Thanks
J. Mitchell
yes I would highly recommend this there is no hurry up and rush through it I am very pleased with the service.
J. Poulos
This course was a big help cause i could fit in my schedule and i learned alot from it i thank u
B. Ayres
I learned a lot more about alcoholism from taking this course.
G. Pardinek
This coarse has brought out some old feeling that reminded me of how much of a struggle it has been for me to be the man I am now. I pray that this coarse can help keep other people on track and bring some clarity into there actions like it has done me.
M. Lytle
I feel it was helpful and recomend it to others
W. Buchholz
I thought this was an awesome option and alternative to completing DUI school. I am a very busy person, so scheduling in 12 hours to go to a building to complete my DUI school was nearly impossible, but being able to complete the course on my own time and pace, allowed me to successfully fit completing the course. Also, the set up of quizzes and essays forced me to participate in having to learn and put effort into the course material. I would have failed the course if I just hit next, next, next on the pages and never attempted to learn the material. Thank you for creating this web-based version that my court approves.
J. Jones
I would highly recommend this course to others. I felt that it was great that each essay had a required amount of words to be finished, I thought that was a great way to really have the individual think and write out the proper information they are trying to convey.
J. Breshears
I loved it and learned alot it made me think alot about my poor choices. Yess I would def recommend this site. Thank you
S. Chavarria
I would recommend this course to anyone who would need it. It was very informative and I learned quite a lot from this course. Also it was very easy to understand and navigate the web site.
D. Huffman
This course was easy for me to complete online.
O. Gilbert
this really help me out a lot and I learn a lot reading the story and looking at movies I really didn't know that alcohol does all kind of things to your bodyi learnd a lot thank you
D. Macon
My experience with was very educational and eye opening. The process was simple but really made you think about the consequences of your actions.
L. Bartlett
I have to say that I was very impressed with the web site, the informative nature of the process and also the depth in which the videos portray the results of a bad decision. I honestly feel that this class should be a requirement prior to obtaining a valid drivers license as I believe that if the youth of today took this course, we would be successful in lowering dramatically the current rate of deaths due to driving under the influence.
H. Harris
Good course very helpful and will make you change your mind in the future.
V. Andruskevicius
Your services have been great. I really needed the online course option especially since I can't drive at this point. I would recommened this course to anyone that has to take a DUI class.
A. Brannen
Services were great and I learned a lot. I would recomend your services to others. Thank you.
J. Gibbs
i thought this was a very good class and would recommend this any one who ask me about a dui
C. Fruge
This was a very good course, would recommend to anyone.
J. Barnhart
This was informational and was easier than having to get to the nearest court approved facility.
K. Darr
Very informative and easy to understand thank you!
B. Scholz
The stories told are very moving.
P. Pippin
I feel like this course was informational and helpful. I would refer this to others, yes.
C. Rudd
Yes i would recommend to others.
D. Carroll
This course truly makes one think about him/herself and how to work toward a plan of action that works.
L. Rogers
The DUI online school services was very informative and allowed me to think about my actions and really gave me room to think and give myself feedback on how I be a better person. Yes I would recommend this for others.
M. Williams
The course was educational and enlightening. The science discussed regarding alcohol and the negative impact it has on you life and others is important information for everyone. I have always believed that these lessons should be a part of the beginning of the driving process vs. after and occurance has already taken place. My opinion but nonetheless, the course was very helpful.
J. Bourdon
thank you I will recommend you to others
E. Oldfield
I really enjoyed taking this class. I learned a lot from it and know that living a lifestyle of bad decisions effects more then just me or my friends and family. Thanks for a great knowledgable program.
J. Bradford
I thought this was a very good class. a lot of facts giving that i did not know till now. i would recommend this site to others in the future.
J. Williams
I truly learned alot from this course and it has made me think hard about making the wrong choices in life and the consequences that can occur if I make the wrong ones. I definitely won't be drinking and driving and this course really drove home the reasons why I won't!
R. Waltmire
It was definitely very informative and life changing.
T. Dinh
I really learned a lot about alcohol and the effects it has on others!! Thank you so much...
S. Kukoricza
You guys made it real easy to do the work from home at my own pace. Gave me alot if knowledge pertaining DUI ! Thank you!
M. Smithson
GoToDUI was a big help in my classes, and would recommend to any one.
E. Canada
I am impressed that something was made to help with the completion of court requirements. i have told a couple of other people who have to go through the same court related events as i have. i recommended this and the vip site. i am happy to have this opportunity to do it online for i have no license or way to get it all done. thank you.
D. Harjo
i would recomend this course to others! its much more personal and you can go at your own pace. i feel like i learn better at home then in a room full of people that i do not know and dont like sharing my personal stories with the public.
M. Haberer
I would recommend this site to everyone.
W. Fogerty
The course was very easy to navigate and the subjects where comprehensive. The integration of video in the curriculum was a plus.
R. Nozal
Yes, very informative and user friendly.
F. Prieto
Very well done. I would recommend you to others. Thank you.
Y. Johnson
I was very please with this. I would recommend every one. I learned more by doing this class at home the accually going to a place around where I live.
M. Senseman
The course was an eye opener. It was educating and the film made me realize what could have been or for anyone that I know...what could happen.
J. Kelleher
Very "Sobering" video. I will think two and three times!
J. Wiesmeth
I really enjoyed your services. It was all very organized and easy to understand. It was relatable and got the points across perfectly. I learned a lot and was very affected by the lessons I learned. I did not expect to feel this way but I'm glad I could take this course. I would definitely recommend this to others.
A. Maltacea
I loved the course, I was able to do it on my own free time and I learned a lot. I felt a lot of emotions I have never felt before about alcohol and it helped me realize that alcohol is a dangerous substance and should be planned out how everything will go down. I recommend this to anyone who wants to learn and wants to know the dangers of Alcohol. Its a very helpful service and It will really teach you not to drink and drive. I give it a 10/10
S. Robinson
It was very informative and usefull. It was also easy to use. I woud recommend the course to others.
W. Hunnicutt
I would recommend to others, It was a very good course Thank You.
D. Marrama
I found the materials to be very informative and enlightening, also it was very easy to complete all of the tasks. I especially liked having to do the essays because it made me really sit down and think about my actions that got me here.
K. Klisch
I have found this course to be very helpful in many ways. the program was educational and interesting at the same time. i would highly recommend this course to anyone in need of the right help.
E. Ballard
I have learned so much about alcohol and what consequences occur when you drink. It will have a lasting impression on me. I will not drink and drive no more that is for sure. Thank you for all the valuable information.
G. Lewallen
it was good. good informatin. i would recommend to others,
J. Martinez
I was recommended by a friend of mine. Hopefully I won't have to, but I would recommend your services to others as well.
S. Aistrup
I would thoroughly recommend Go To DUI School. i tried Right Directions Services and not only was the website difficult and archaic, the phone and e-mail support was dismal not to mention their terrible attitude. I am overly pleased with Go to DUI School!
K. King
I enjoyed the material in this class, it has open my eyes a little more than they were previously. I have learned a lot through this program and would recommend this program to anyone.
O. Wolf
This was a good way to fulfill a requirement and the course material was very thorough and informitive.
K. Roemmich
I feel like I will always stay home to drink after hearing these stories I'm scared to drive.
D. Eastwood
I think your service was great and yes i would recommend it to others
B. Williams Jr
I would highly recommend this course to others........I thank you for giving me the oppertunity to use this online course....
J. Viera
Learned a lot, and how life can be changed instantly
C. Chadwick
Thank you, I did find the course informaive
S. Whytal
I does help to think twice about what you did, even this time nothing happen but just what can happen is very scary and I never want to be the reason for such an accident.
C. Reimann
I learned a lot and it hit too close to home. God bless all families who have lost a loved one due to DUI. I would recommend this site to others whom have had made the same mistake as many others out there.
S. Konkler (owens)
I enjoyed the ability to take this course at my convenience, in the comfort of my home. It is I believe better than setting in a room full of people, because your concentration level is higher.
J. Barnett
This course is a real wake up call. It makes me realize what a horrible decision I have made deciding to drink and drive and the impact and consequences that I could have placed on innocent people. I will never and I mean NEVER drink and drive again. I thank all of the volunteers that shared their stories, and understand how hard it must have been for them to do so. I thank all of you for educating me on the affects of drinking and driving.
M. Haas
I've never had to do this before,and I did'nt get to far in school.Also,I've never used a computer before.Taking all this into concideration,I think your class gave me the time and tools to work my way through.My thanks.
D. Morrow
This site it's just amazing ! Thank you for helping me :)
N. Idas
Yes i would recommend this course to everyone even if you dont drink it will make a difference .
D. De Los Santos
It was a great lesson and the testamonials were very moving. It really makes you thing that the damage and loss of life you cause from drunk driving is not worth it!
M. Eggleton
Really a great course i learned alot and it is very helpful
T. Shireman
This course was a real eye opener for me. It sure taught me a lesson
R. Lopez
this course realy open my eyes to what i have bein doing and my heart goes out to all the familys that lost parts of there lives
D. Cherry
The videos in this course were pretty shocking, and I think that people who get arrested for drunk driving need to see these kind of images of just what can happen when you drive drunk.
R. Mohr
I think the course was self explanatory. Since I don't know if I'm even going to court, and have time, I wish the timeline would have been talked about sooner. Other than that, it was a great learning experience, wouldn't want to wait until the last minute.
B. Gauthier
The class was excellent! Videos were intense!
B. Mayfield
I believe that this was a fair and good course.
K. Hire
Actually a really well done course. Good video production values, even acting is decent.
J. Camarillo
It was very educational
M. Buscemi
Thank you.
T. Hanson
I liked doing this. I learned a lot about myself.
M. Stortz
Good program, really opened my eyes and made me think about the affects of drinking and driving.
A. Stuits
I would recommend this service to other people. it really makes you stop and think about the decision you are about to make if you think about driving after having even just one drink. i would never want to put my self or others in any type of situation like the ones i have seen through the victum impact panel. thanks for all your guys help...
L. James
The video's were very good, they showed what the results can be. this has been a very good course. I would recommend it to anyone.
M. Moore
Thank you, this course has open my eyes a great deal
R. Holland
It was very educational and focused on some very hard facts, making me more serious and repsectful about the issues involving alcohol. Having the ability to do it in my spare time made it very user friendly.
G. Blumberg
I will not drink and drive, there is much more to alcoholism than I realized. I know I hurt my family, and it will never happen again.
S. Catron
I think your service was great and very helpful.
C. Bullock
I think this website did a great job in teaching me all i need to know about DUI's.
B. Koehler
I would definitely recommend this course.
J. Humulock
I like it very much so. Videos maid me cry a bit thank you
W. Ayers
I am an active duty member of US Marine Corps. I have been deployed to Afghanistan since Feb of 2012. I got my DUI about 5 months prior to deployment and due to a demanding training schedule was unable to finish my court mandated training. This site has provided me with that opportunity while abroad. I have had a great experience with the curriculum provided and have learned just how lucky I am that I didn't die or worse yet, kill someone through my decision to drink and drive. Though I hope none of my friends have to go through the pain of a DUI conviction, should they, I will recommend in a heartbeat.
M. Hinojos
Your services are great and convenient. I will reccommend you guys to others. Thank you so much!!!!!!!
M. Vider
This program is great. I have had my license taken away from me 17 years ago this month. I never finished taking care of it because the program was either to much because of no employment or I had the money because of employment but no time due to working. This made it convenient for me. Thank you!
J. Lucero
The videos really opened my eyes to the reality of what CAN happen when you drive drunk. The course was also very educational, and user friendly. I would recommend this coarse to anyone with the desire to learn more about the cause and effects of a DUI.
C. Seefeldt
I think this is one of the most educational, up-to-date courses ever. It is highly eye-opening, realistic and sure impacted me.
S. Grayson
I really enjoyed the courses I took through this site. I was able to follow at my own pace and I learned a lot. I would definitely recommend this course to others!
K. Haas Keller
It was an helpful and a eye-opener. thanks
S. Morris
Great service!
K. Hamilton
Thank you so much for letting us take this test on the internet, It was very easy to understand and follow. I would recommend your web site to anyone that has asked me.
B. Langston
I have learned alot from this course...
W. Becker
The services was very helpful and made me realize what impact drinking and driving has on other people lives else well as mine. Yes, I would recommend this course to others. I learned a lot about drinking and driving and how it has destroyed many lives.
T. Terry
Great Program
A. Morejon
I really think watching the stories of how drinking has effected the lives of other people help me realize!
K. Caldwell
Your class is great I learned a lot ,and it is very much appreciated. The videos on here really change the way people think and live their lives! Thank you so much!
J. Niebruegge
Good so far, made it really easy to do my class.
J. Ferwerda
I think the personal stories of the victims has more impact than stating the facts of insurance cost, fines and other punishments
D. Mendiola
I think the course was great! Didn't have to go any where. Did it on my time from home.
D. Risher
I would pass this on to any body that would like what i have learned from this program. It is an eye opener to see the people that are hurt from others choices to pick up that drink. Thank you for helping me.
S. Hosman
This is an awesome service and I'm and glad I was able to find it so easy on the internet and use it. Thanks for providing such a secure and private way to complete a course that we dont want to do but have to and not be embrassed about it.
B. Atteberry
I believe I did get alot of good information by taking the course. I wish that I did not have to take it. Because that would have meant that I did not have a DUI. I learned from the videos that everyone suffers from the problems of drunk driving. You course is fine and I did take away information that I did not know. Thank you.
M. Carter
This was great, it really helped open my eyes
B. Bonilla
I feel as though it was a good program and made me think a lot about what i've done. I would highly recommend this program to people that need it. thank you
C. Stanley
The matterial was very informative and would definatly recomend the online classes to anyone ...even young drivers before they get their license
B. Rubey
I was educated about the issues of drinking and driving and with 3 kids over the age of 16 but under the age of 23 it gave me a lot of information to help educated my children. I want to thank you for the information
J. Brandle
It was very easy and convenient.
W. Ragland
This corse was more than I expected. It was informative and also made you think I would recommend it to any one that needed it
R. Vance
Thank you.
J. Littlepage
Yes, I would recommend.
M. Donovan
This is the best service for my lifestyle. I work full time at different hours, and needed to finish on my own time.
D. Waddy
I really learned a lot from the course. The video of the accident was very emotional. This course has taught me that its not worth having an uncontrolled good time even at home. I have become a DUI advocate because life is to short. I have learned a very valuable lesson by not making the right decision. I am so glad this course was available and it was surely a wake up call.
M. Green
This is a very good class. I would recommend you to others
N. Lawyer
I thought it was a good course and the videos certainly brought the point home, especially the woman that was trapped in the burning car. I also thought the reading material was enlightening.
J. Wredling
The course was very long. I did learn alot from hearing the stories. I'm ready to move on with my life and make the right choices in life.
L. Favors
I think is a very convenient alternative to attending in a classroom.
R. Uyttebroek
This coarse is amazing!!! Short and sweet but full of facts that i had no idea and loved learning them. I would recommend this class to anyone.
K. Maroney
I feel as if I learned so much from your website and my 16 hour DUI class. I also took my victims impact panel(VIP) class here. I will most certainly recommend it with the highest regards to every and anyone
J. Hollis
I think this class was great! Being in college it was able to work on it during my own time either in-between, before, or after classes. The material was easy to read and understand. It's nice knowing you can go back and check your work before you finally submit everything. I would definitely recommend this class to others because you're able to take it at your own, on your own time.
H. Adams
I thought this was a very good service and i would recommend to others.
S. Vorderbrueggen
Even if you think you have a good understanding of alcohol and its impact on you and drving, this course will teach you so much more. The videos really drive home the point of how drinking and driving don't go together. If you don't change your behaviors after this course, I am not sure anything will help you...
P. Svindland
I think this is and amazing process for the fact that i work 50+ hours a week and i dont have time during the week to go to a meeting and the educational videos are a great example of what could happen and what does happen every day in life.I will highly recommend this to who ever makes the same mistake i did.
A. Graumann
i really liked having the option to be able to take my dui class online. due to my job and the hours i work its really hard for me to be able to set time aside to go to a class. with this online course it helped me greatly. the content of this course is amazing and one hundred percent can change your mind on drinking and driving ever again.
F. Tidwell Jr
This is a very helpful service especially for people like myself that are not home enough to go to an actual class!
T. Gibe
This course was very helpful and informative to drinking and driving. I learned a lot and will definetely carry the information i've learned with me.
A. Brogdon
I throught it was a great course. You did not have to rely on someone to get you to a class. You set it up where you really have to pay attention to what people was saying and gave you a broader view of the results of making bad decisions.
T. Walton
I think it was a great course It really makes you think of the danger of drinking and driving.I think this class could really save lives. I would recommend this to anyone reguardless if they have been in trouble or not.
J. Bush
I would definitely recommend this course. The videos will really make you think! Thank you!
T. Zipp
I would recommend you to others; it makes you think & appreciate.
L. Pentecost
i would highly recommend this course to others, i learned alot through this course and all the videos really scared me and made me realize just how lucky i was not to have hurt or killed anyone.i will never ever drink and drive again.this course was great and it really helped me to open my eyes and see the damage i could have caused to others..i promise to never ever drink and drive again. This course really works. Thank You.
W. Walker
Thank you for the opportunity to take this course.
R. Alday
I think that you guys did a good job on this class even though its sad but it makes a lot of impact on the way i was living my life
G. Charles
This course is very, very informative. It makes you realize that your not the only one that is affected by one's bad choices. Definitely opened my eyes to the realization of drinkin and driving. Thank God I didnt kill anyone, thank you for opening my mind to the true consequences of my bad choices.
K. Wallace
After watching these testimonies, my thought is, "WOW"!!! How selfish am I?? This is exactly what I needed to see!! I am one of those that have to be slapped across the head in order for my consequences to hit home and watching these videos did that and more. I was IMPACTED with the outcome of what every single person interviewed in these videos went through. These testimonies were real....not staged...with real emotion, real life and real DEATH!! I definitely will NEVER drink and drive again.
A. Mccullers
The services of Go TO DUI School has been a tremendous, and a beneficial hand in my recovery, if all goes well I will recommend this website to anyone in need of a convenient program that works around your schedule.
D. Ralston
I am so glad that I found this website. I recommend this to anyone. I had no idea you could do this online. It helped me out alot. The videos were also, awesome.
W. Williford
Its was good.
A. Adun
I really appreciate the opportunity to complete DUI school online and in my own time. I do not have to take time off from work or travel to comply with my requirements. I will definitely recommend it to others. Thank you very much.
M. Jennings
I love the attention to detail in the program and yes i would recommend this to others.
L. Agron
This is a very good service i didnt think i was gonna learn alot but i learned alot more than i thought. Thank yall!!!!!!!
J. Wilson
This was a great experience! I recommend this for anyone who may need to have knowledge on this subject.
L. Howard
I think your services are convenient and to the point. I like your services, and I would recommend you to others. Thank you.
K. Smolkin
The course is very informative and the victims stories open your eyes to the true consiqunces of drinking and driving. I would recommend this class to others.
T. West
I liked the online experience. I learned a lot.
L. Lynch
I found this program very helpful. It has made me realize that there is alot of changes I need to make in my life. The stories shared on here were very touching and made me so greatful that I did not hurt anybody but it also showed me what I could have done. I am making many positive changes in my life thanks to this program!
K. Kolle
The course was very informative and really opens your eyes!
R. Bailey
I would recommend this course to anyone that recently got a dui and is court ordered to take dui class. 5 star!!!!
J. Blanco
Very impacting information. Online accessible makes it more convenient.
E. Garzon
I found the convenience of the course out standing I could complete it at my own schedule. As a future teacher for alcoholics I will refer them to this class.rn
K. Fullington
The course is well laid out.
S. Hood
I learned a lot the stories were very sad.
S. Oleary
It never crossed my mind all this I was driven drunk and I was stupet im so sorry and I dont want to be one of the persons the cause the accident to some one or to my own family.
D. Bravo
I certainly do appreciate being able to do this course on line. I work from noon to 8:30pm so it makes it difficult to actually attend a course, the nearest one to me being 20 miles away. I hope I did well on my test, the alcohol formula & a few others I could not be sure of. Thank you for making this course more available to me when I needed it.
H. Sidebottom
Yes, I believe that this program was well worth the cost. I was able to go at my own pace and really read and absorb the information given.
A. Morrow
I really enjoyed being able to take this course online. It was very informational i didn't take it all at one time. I could complete section on my time. I would recommend this to others people as a great site to go to and take this course.
W. Shannon
I had a great learning experience with this site. A quick and easy process I would definitely recommend this site to other people. Thanks for all the help.
R. Malcolm
This was an effect way to complete dui school. I don't know what I would have done without it.
M. Fadika
Loved the convenience of not having to take off work and the testimonials really touch home and i would recommend it to anybody in need of help...
A. Cortinez
The service you provide is great. I learned more here then I could have learned by someone just talking to me, the course was very informative and touching. I would recommend this course to anyone that needs it. It opened my eyes wide. Thank you
T. Epperson
This program very amazing program to me. More than i expected i promise i will recomend to every body to take this program.
S. Ali
I am not very computer literate to say the least. I hunt and peck. takes a little longer for me. But this site that I picked out over so many others has been definitely my lucky pick. It has made my required class so much easier than I ever expected. That's why I am taking the extra hunt and peck time to comment. Thank you for making a hard thing easier.
S. Passmore
Very Informative and was very much effective.
E. Mccool
It was great I sat down and did the whole thing in the comfort of my home.
F. Wright
I would recommend to everyone I learned alot from this course
M. Pulley
Your services are great and get to touch you in a matter that know one could understand unless they go through it ...Very touching and true... Thank you
O. Hurtado
I would recommend your services.
P. Baeriswyl
This is a very good service. Although I hate writing essays they really do make you stop and really express your thoughts and feelings about what happened it take you the the reason for the arrest to what you are doing to make changes to not put yourself in that situation. It also Allows for closure in the apology letter. I am now educated and better informed. If I ever have the opportunity to help someone make the right choice I will do everything in my power to.
C. Powell
The factual information and videos were a real eye opener to the severity of DUI related incidents. For the conscious person that recognizes what's at stake when drinking and driving, I feel this course helps us to know that drinking and driving is never okay and that we'll never do it again.
L. Carroll
I was in a position were I could not take the time for conventional classes. My schedule just did not permit the time. was an answered prayer. I am so impressed with the fact that I could do my work at my own pace and the time of my choosing. Then to comment on the lesons, I found them to be very informing and very interesting. I have learned alot. I am very Thankful to GoToDUISchool.
W. King
This was a great course and reinforced my dedication to be sober and never drink and drive again!
J. Davis Jr.
I enjoyed the program and learned a lot.
J. Ferrufino
Thanks a bunch for a great service!
W. Hill
i would highly recommend this to others the stories were really close to home and really made me think about and pay more attction to the other drivers on the road.
T. Shaw
Had trouble with logging into the system at first, but tech support was helpful. Good Program.
J. Prejean
Thank you.
O. Hurtado
Great I like this would recommend
A. Boyd
I wanted to say that this hit home for me i mean the video that was givin was a huge i mean huge deal for me and this is the reason i do not i mean i do not drink and drive thank you again
M. Patton
Great class. Great realistic videos.
K. Dawley
I loved having the ability to work when I had time to work, my work schedule is changing all the time so making a commitment to anything outside home and work is difficult this helped me out!
N. Melby
Thank you for the insight and knowledge of the speaker's on the Victim Impact section. I realize more than ever how careless and selfish my actions have been before being convicted with a DUI. I promise to make sure in the future to ALWAYS be smarter and more respectful to those around me at all times.
J. Boudreaux
I found that was absolutely the best way for me to take my DUI classes. It worked extremely well with my schedule! The information was valuable ,and I learned everything I needed to know about DUI education!
-Luke from Decatur, IL

L. Mcneely
I found the program very informative.
J. Massey
It seems more convient to take at home. There is alot of info in this class.
M. Beahl
GotoDUISchool help me out very much. It's a good alternative to having to go to class when I work so much. Life is rough and I know adding more tasks in a short day like looking for ride to the class. I have recommended this site to many people struggling.
K. Mcguire
this is a great product and yes I would highly recommend it to everyone very informative and its done at your own pace no pressure I did it at home in my bedroom , thank you
R. Canales
very sad. Since my DWI I have always gotten a cab or stayed the night, but between SATOP classes and VIP, it has effected me even more so to where I can guarantee 100% I will never get behind the wheel again when I've had even 1 drink.
J. Georgen
I believed this is a great website for various reasons. It is affordable the price to attend this course as well as doing it in the confines of your home while not missing a day of work is a plus. Also you are home safe and you really can pay close attention to the message being delivered. I know the videos hit me hard to the point that my eyes got watery seeing a young vibrant woman in Jacqueline Saburido go through what she is going through it is a very powerful message and one I feel should be shown to high school kids and college kids. Thank you for helping me out with this predicament I have put myself through. God bless.
R. Hernandez
I would recommend this website to others. It was very informational and easy to use.
A. Lopez
I just want to start out by saying thank you for giving me the opportunity to take your course. This course has opened my eyes and made me understand that even just one drink can not only ruin my life but many other lives as well. All the content in this lesson was very educational and like I said helped me open my eyes. The videos shared in this lesson made my heart ache and I sit and thought about all the families involved. I hate that every fifteen minutes someone is killed in an alcohol involved accident and I wish there was something I could do to help.
T. Arbuckle
This was a great course. It really gets you to reflect on the decisions you make.
J. Bassett
This was a very postive experience. Yes I would recommend this online class!
D. Hanika
Thank you, great course and learned a lot as I move forward.
R. Martinez
This course has been very helpful in reminding me the reasons I will never drink again. I would defiantly recomend it to others.
C. Bullock
Course was good and went over appropriate information. I would recommend to others. It was accessible and easy to manage.
K. Presloid
It worked out good for me cause i didnt have no way to go to the classes, its hard finding a ride, and ive learned alot reading the material u have on here, and the videos well lets just say they hit home and im so thankful that i didnt end up in jail myself. Watching the videos also made me relize again that i will never put myself or anyone else in danger, its not worth going to jail for. Thank you.
L. Denomme
hello my name is Isidro corona in live in Las Vegas Nevada i have a DUI complain and i take the class online its comfortable private and it gives more opportunity to feel and explain what experience. This website really helps to do your testimony and move forward.
I. Corona
I think the program is so good I want to tell my former drinking buddies about it!
G. Bigaouette
I think th program works pretty good, I learn alot...and I think it worth and very helpfull...Thanks
Q. Nguyen
I would recommend this course to others that need it.
B. Harris
I really appreciate the service at It allowed me to avoid taking time off of work and get my alcohol awareness class done on my free time. I also saved money on gas by being able to complete the course from my home.
A. Hernandez
This course is comprehensive, and also makes the student take ownership in what he/she did. By using the essay answers, and haveing a counselor review/grade is an absolutely excellent program.
D. Castle
I believe your services especially being an online service are much needed. i appreciate the non-judgement of your staff and the course itself. the information i have learned especially the video about Jacqui will haunt me for the rest of my life and i know i will make better decisions knowing that i NEVER want to cause that kind of pain.
J. Goodman
Leaves an impact
S. Tallent
The course was good, i would recommend you to others.
J. Laudicina
I wil never drive under the influence of any substance ever again.
M. Peoples
With my classes and work I couldn't find the time to take my classes downtown. I am really thankful for :)
J. K
Awesome! :)
M. D
When I was sentenced with DUI classes I didn't know what to do because they were only available during my work hours. I am so happy I found your services. I took my class at night and on the weekends and now i'm done!! Thank you!
A. M
After watching that victims impact panel ill never drink and drive again. wowow!!
T. J
An eye-opening experience that delivers the message in an enlightening and instructive way. Thank you.
M. Shelton
I thought the class was very informative and would recommend it for everyone...
B. Butrum
Very good and informative course.
E. Finney
I thought I new a lot about affects alcohol. When it was safe to drive, I didn't know the half of it. Drink don't drive it is that easy!!! There is a lot information in this course. I am 53 years old and I must say that besides all the information I found that the video's, affected me in so many ways.
W. Rodgers
D. Snyder
I think this school was a great service and I would recommend it to others without hesitation. I sure learned a lot from it and think anyone could. In fact I have already talked about some of the things from this class with friends/acquaintances that I feel need to hear some of this.
T. Yunker
I think this was a great course very informational and a great learning tool. I would definitely recommend.
J. Lefevers
Excellent way to complete your DUI class. Appreciate the opportunity to do it as an online course. I would definitely recommend to others.
M. Smith
Being a person who travels during the wk this was very helpful. I was more then i thought but it was great.
D. Scott
It is a very good course, and conveinate
D. Howard
The class was great. Thank you
W. Cochran
This DUI course was very convenient and educational. The option to do it at my own pace made it easy so that I wouldn't be in a rush or at risk of missing courses. While being convenient, I feel like I learned a lot.rn
S. Reyes
the things i learnd on this site were some what shoking seing the after afects of a wreck that is so terible that it leaves a beautiful girl scared so badly for life all drivers should take this course it is a eye opener !
J. Desilva
very easy to understand.. simple and quick ..
S. Latimer
Thank you to all of the people who donated their time to give knowledge to others to possibly also delete this and save lives. Thank you.
R. Luther
The course was very educational and interesting. I really enjoyed it!
D. Mitchell
Excellent course. Should be mandatory for all drivers first receiving drivers lic.
T. Moffett
I think the program is very educational and convenient! The DMV can make life difficult....Thank you for making it a little easier
C. Roberts-ruzzene
i think its conveint being online
K. King
thank you guys for your help you guys were pretty helpful;
D. Hubson
This is amazing.
S. Gillani
Thank you for providing me with this option other than having to go to a physical class. I was particularly inspired be the videos about the young woman who was hit by a drunk driver. It was sad but really made me think.
K. Giblon
This was a better way to do this class it makes it more personal
C. Adams
The course is really worth taking. A good mix of alcohol and statistical facts and writing essay on self makes you have to think about your actions. I think the Jacqui story is something that anybody who would consider drinking and driving should see.
J. Englehart
This course not only taught me a lot but was cost effective and informative.
D. Dupont
It was very informative and helpful. Hopefully I wont have to recommend this to anyone though.
N. Osei
This is a great way to explain your plans and to execute them.
J. Delaune
I would recommend this to others. The infomation was valuable and easy to learn.
S. Conley
I was apprehensive when I first began looking for an online course which suited my needs and circumstances surrounding my DUI case. After careful consideration, I realized that the Go To DUI School was for me. The format is superb, and the content is unforgettable. Thank you for your services!
J. Padalecki
I would tell every one that has to go thru this should use your method of completing their court required duties. Thank You Very Much!!
J. Stiles
Your site has been very informative, and has changed my life for the better. I love the fact that I was able to finish the courses at my own pace. I am a very dedicated graduate at this point in my life and was able to finish my courses much more quickly than the average person. I would certainly recommend this site to anyone.
B. Draffen
I like this service and would recommend it to any who would like counseling. It offers a opportunity for anyone to be very open and honest with themselves.
K. Bowen
This online class was a godsend and I would recommend RI anyone.
B. Driver
It was pretty easy, and the instructions where very clear
J. Perez
This is a great service. I highly recommend, it gives you not only a chance to reflect but the knowledge you need to make better decisions. Awareness is very important and has it all!
S. Burnette
Courses were good and informative. Videos were very scary and eye opening. Good course.
B. Kennard
I was grateful for being able to do my DUI class online. It was very convenient for me to just get online and do it rather than having to actually be present at a physical location. Yes, I would recommend this DUI school to others.
J. Pearman
This program was very convenient and educational I would definitely recommend this program to others.
B. Lindsay
yes, very good course. thx.
D. Guy
this is good for people who work and dont have time to go to a class
G. Osteen
i really think this is a great course as it helped me to do my classes.
C. Ramsey
I think it was very informative i learned a lot i did not know.
D. Jones
Thank you for all your help. The course is easy to understand and very helpful. I was fortunate enough that nobody was hurt. I have embarass myself, my family and friends, I do not wish this experience on anybody. I promise that this incident would not repeat and I have learned my lesson.
S. Olmeda
I was very impressed with your class, I have learned so much about the use and effects of alcohol, I would strongly recommend your class.
K. Hays
Well presented, very informitive.
J. Pattison
I think it very helpful and it give you 30 days to complete a 8 hr. class
K. Daniels
I definatly recommend this course, it was so convient and I definatley learned a lot from it.
M. Hays
Highly recommended, through and informative with high effectiveness.
P. Cunningham
I would definitely recommend this website/service to others. It was easy to navigate and very user friendly. The videos were excellent. The convenience of being able to complete course online in my own time was the best feature of all!
M. Goodwin
This was a great program. I am on a straight track from here. I will recommend this service to others.
C. Parker
R. Howell
I thought the course was excellent and makes you relealize what is important in life!
D. Timmermans
this coursewas very intence your videos were very grafic they made you think the essays were very good they made you relive some of your bad choices thank you yes i would reccomend it
S. Swiderski
I think this class should be made a manationary class for young people just starting their driving life because it give a lot of REAL information and the video about the young guy crashing and killing his friends give a person a lot to think about good couse well done
T. Howard
I was impressed. The course was challenging and interesting. Very professional.When I had a question or a problem yor staff was great. Yes,I would recommend your school to any one.Thank you.Dennis
D. Cook
This course seems to cover just about everything necessary,and i think i would recommend it to anyone needing it.
R. Doshier
Very informative and caused a great deal of insight and thought on my part
T. Burns
This course was very informative, as well as helpful for me to realize the steps i should take to help me move on from this part of my life. Thank you!
M. Floyd
I found this to be very informative and educational. This Course was the best considering I would have had to get someone to take me to class. I took a day from working. But, This was well worth it. This is really back to school.
D. Hopson
Yes i didnt know I had to write essays but this was helpful
A. Gallop
It was very pleasant to be able to take this course at home within my own time frame. The course had a huge impact on me and my future decisions and choices.
E. Rawlings
I was thankful to find this course. It was hard for me to fit a physical DUI class into my working life, but this enabled me to complete 8 hours on my own time.
S. Shearsby
Great course!!
L. Lopez
Very educational
J. Simmons
This course was a great learning experience.
C. Lee
I think it is a excellent alternative to sitting in a class room. not everyone has the time to do so.
M. Wiley
I rm really glad that this option is available to the public. It has saved me much time, gas, etc.
J. Denton
This was so much more convenient than any other method that I have found. I am surprised at how much I have learned. The victim testimonies were very touching and sunk in deep. I would recommend this to everyone that has to take this class.
M. Upton
Thank you for providing this test. It was very informative and educational. Watching the videos really made me think how my situation could have been much worse. I will never drink and drive again.
R. Brooks
I would recommend this service. With a busy schedule I was able to work at a pace that I could manage. I thought the videos were very impactful and eyeopening.
J. Long
Very learning experience and would highly recommend the course to everyone else that needs itrn
G. Thompson
Your course changed my way of thinking, thank you. Will hope not to have to recommend your course to anyone but would certainly do so if necessary. John
J. Chinn
I would recommend "Go To DUI School" to others. This saved me gas money and I felt I got something good out of this online program.
A. Young
At my age (56) you think you know everything. I was wrong and that started the night I decided to get behind a wheel and drive after consuming alcohol. I learned quite a bit of information from taking the course and I am sure it will be helpful for me and others. The site was easy to get around and wasn't just a walk in the park.
M. Harrison
I really enjoyed this on-line option. It was easy to do from home given my busy work schedule. I hope everything goes through well. I think I will definitely look into a course of this statue to make my children go through before they start driving! Very informative! Thank you!
D. Whitaker
I think this was a great class cause you got to here so many different stories and how they affected the people in them this class made me think and I hope to never get behind the wheel after drinking again.
B. Hradsky
This was a great course and it should be given and shown in the schools around America. Thank you.
D. Howell Jr
I think your course was very effective at helping me realize the damage I have done, the damage that I could have done, and helping me outline a plan for improving myself.
W. Grantham
Great class. definatley learned a lot. a real eye opener.
P. Tafoya
my experience with this service was very educational. i thought the material it covered was factual and informative. thank you
D. Etheridge
This was a great class and and I recommend every on take this class to remember that drunk driving needless kills or hurts not only yourself but others around you.
J. Bode
This progam was very informing and useful i would recommend for other
E. James
I think it is very valuable and a big eye opener to witness the testimonies of victims who have been negatively affected by drunk drivers. I was getting anxious just listening to these stories, knowing that a future trip to the store could cost me my life because of someone's irresponsible decision. I can't beleive I ever drank and drove and I know I'll never put myself in that situation ever again.
K. Sidhu
The convenience of being ablr to take the course from home is great.
M. Watts
I am very pleased with your services. This has been very informative and has caused me to think greatly about the consequences of drinking and driving.
S. Barrett
I found this course to be very beneficial for me. Not the "pain in the butt" I first envisioned. A pleasant suprise.
J. Larson
The Victim Impact Panel is very impacting! The videos hit the points they need to, and had an effect on me. This Panel has made me realize that drinking and driving should just not be done!
C. Hazel
Yes, this has been very informative and learn what drinking can do, DESTROY LIVES. I WOULD RECOMMEND YOUR CLASS TO EVERYONE.
M. Robb
I learned alot from your tests. Things about alcohol I didn't know. I found the video's to be disturbing but awakening. I thought it was all wored well and asked just the right questions. Thank you for the lesson. I {as god is my witness} will never drink and drive ever again. God Bless.
T. Hutchins
I recommend this to others. I have learned a life lesson. DONT DRINK AND DRIVE!
R. Fogerty
I would recommend this course to everyone especially the video. It will really open your eyes and to what drinking and driving can do.
E. Bachelor
The essays were very good opportunities for reflection and, along with the testimonials and personal stories, the best part of the course.
C. Laughlin
I would totally recommend this to others! I'm a full time working student so I don't have a lot of free time, but I managed to do the entire course in a few hours! It was super easy, quick, and practically painless. Thanks for making it so easy!
L. Miller
This course was better than any sit around class room. it got me to dig deep into myself! thank you for this oppurtunity. i would highly recommend this course
R. Halloran
Great course informative and really makes you think about your own behavior with all the essays. Very Helpful!
M. Martin
I am so relieved that I was able to take this course through this website to complete my court order. This school helped me learn a lot about my offence and they helped me with any questions through every lesson to understand any of my concerns. Thank you for all your help!
P. Black
I am a 33 year old male. I thought that I knew alot more than what I actually did about alcohol. This course was very informative to what really happens during alcohol consumption. It is also very easy to manage while working 50-70 hours a week.
M. Barrett
Very informative
K. Bell
It was an eye opening experience. People need to treat people better.
J. Fryer
my true and sincere testamony was given in all my essays that that was submitted in my course thank you and have a blessed day
A. Parton Edwards
I would definitely recommend to others. Very convenient and also helpful. Compelling stories.
L. Lesley
Very informative course and i would highly recommend this site to anyone else in this horrible predicament
B. Law
The videos in this service caught my attention, I would recommend to others.
D. Knight
It was a lot better than i thought it would be thanks for being online
D. Gunter
I think your service is great i was glued to the screen the hole time i will recommend this program to wcs which is an intoxicated driver intervention program, thank you
J. Burton
I enjoyed using It was nice that I could take the lessons after work when I could finally get to the computer. I would recommend this class to others.
S. Sullivan
The impact is much greater than a classroom setting.
J. Greer
This was an awesome program thank you.
M. Restauri
i liked it it was very easy to do and no driving involved!
A. Minner
Ireally never thought of this happening to anyone again this is a great experience that all walks of life can benefit. Yes, If someone ever tell me that they need to do this I will let them know that this is the courses to take.
T. Humbert
Thank you so much for this class. It has taught me a lot.
S. Martinez
I think this a awesome thing. I wouldn't have been able to get to a class. My husband and my brother work to late to get me there my mother has passed away and everyone has to work the time i needed to go to a class.
K. Threatt
I think the service you provide has been very helpful and has given me alot more choices to take this class.Yes i would recommend you to others because of being able to take breaks in between of all of these courses. My experience of completing this DUI 8 hour awareness class has been a very good learning experience.rn

M. Haslinger
I thought that this would be a waste of time and just some punishment for my actions, but in fact was very helpful and opened my eyes to what could have happened or what could if I was to drink and drive. I am very happy with the course and not at all what I thought it would be, it was kinda life saving lesson and think anyone with any alcohol troubles should take this class to help them and help society.
T. Harkins
Great Course should let us know of all charges involved but other than that a great service.
R. Dougherty
Sad stories, its life changing
M. Gonzalez
I had a great time using this program and all the resources it had to offer. Thank you so much!
M. Winsell
Very informational and eye opening! Best part is convenience!
S. Davis
This Services was not only informative but was eye opening taking the time to do each section help me to learn about my DUI why It was important to never put myself or my family in this type of situation I can only say thank you and yes I would recommend your service to anyone that ends up in this type of situation. Thanks For your Help through this difficult situation
D. Doraski
Initially I was angry about being arrested and put off because I had to take this course. Wow I could not have been more wrong. Thank you for making this a very positive and enlightening experience. The videos were thought provoking and poignant. I was most deeply affected by the poor burn victum and her fight to stay alive and ward off depression. Your course brought a new awareness to how thoughtless and irresponsible I have been in the past. I sincerely hope I never have to recommend you to any of my friends, but I will if they are as stupid as I was.
R. Bicknell
Eye opening!
A. Brickel
Simply but informative. Yes, I'd recommend your services.
C. Turner
This was a great program... I was very against doing it at first but once you start watching the videos and see that a DUI is far greater than you ever realized it makes you realize you owe it to the process to give it your all and take it seriously.
J. Wolf
I went through 2 phases of a recovery program before being allowed to take this last part with your service. I have learned more with these lessons than I learned in classes.
C. French
I would definitely recommend this course to those individuals who find themselves arrested for a DUI or who are struggling with alcohol abuse.
D. White
For somebody in a constant public spotlight and extremely busy life, this is a very convenient alternative to going to a physical class. I found to be very helpful..
T. Mcgehee
The mixture of written material, videos, essays, and quizzes helped keep the course interesting and educational.
C. Nicholls
This site is very useful and helpful in every way, also I do recommend it to anyone who wants to take this class and doesn't have transportation. Overall great information and educational.
D. Solis
I thought your school was very good and educational for a online school and would refer to any one I know that needs to do a class
R. Matello
It made me think in alot of ways i should and need to but was not before.
B. Roach
The essays were helpful and necessary. The video was very impactful. Overall the course was very well structured and I would recommend it to others.
P. Girdis
I think your services were great, I would recommend this to others, I was really touched by the video.
K. Lovett
I feel that the use of this program was very helpful with the busyness of life. The program gave great information and provided videos that really hit home for me. It lead me in the correct steps to change some things about my life and learn more about what effects of alcohol has and the possible distraction. I would like to thank you for this opportunity to take the class through this program.
L. Gullickson
I have learned so much about myself during this program. I found that i do not have to drink to be me. I love myself for who i am without using excessive alcohol intake. Thank you DUI school.
D. Conklin
I would recommend this to every one even if you didn't get in trouble i have learned alot.
M. Barnby
I would recommend to others. I feel the quiz were harder then I thought and I had to take time with essays.
E. Feikert
It was good to take this course.
C. Mcgowan
It is very educational. Everyone should take this class even before getting a drivers license the first time. I would highly recommend this to any one.
H. Jao
I thought that your service was very convient and helpful.
G. Powell
Very touching, really does put things in perspective.
T. Burrer
I think this site is very good, you lessons were very educational and i look forward to my results.
R. Still
I learned alot. I appreciate that I was able to take it at home.
C. Lindsey
The overall impact of the course was enlightening, impressive, and long unforgettable. I would highly recommend this course to high schools, anyone who has ever been under the influence and made the decision to drive, and anyone who has ever received a DUI citation.
L. Martin
An interesting course. The video was excellent. This needs to be a refresher for anyone who drives a vehicle and some point in their renewal process.
D. Nugent
I took a dui school 8 years ago and it was just sitting in a class listening to someone talk for four hours. This test was much better and more helpful. I think I actually learned something. Thank you for everything!!
R. Baker
It was very good and an eye opener
K. Semple
I would definitely recommend this service to a friend.
R. Skouson
Man was this convenient. I would recommend this course to anyone that requires it. Just to be able to do the work at home was a godsend. Thanks
P. Bustamante
It was a pleasing experience and allowed me to take a deeper look at myself and learn a lot or material related to drinking and driving I would recommend this to seems better than the physical class where everybody sleeps or doesn't pay attention. Thank you so much and God bless
T. Millraney
Thank you for yours services.
N. Millsap
Yes, I reccommed to other. It save me time, didn't have take off work for class.
C. Sears
Very good and I would highly reccommend.
D. Wheeler
I promise to never drink and drive again.
C. Hartley
I thought this website was great. It provided easy, important information that i obtained. The layout was easy to follow and the essay really helped with looking back on the whole situation. It put things in a different perspective and gave me a positive outlook. Overall, awesome!
C. Williams
Good so far, made it really easy to do my class.
J. Ferwerda
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M. Tate really helped in completing one of my court requirements. The time That I spent taking the class was worth every minute. It really made a difference in changing my life.
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B. Hurley
Alcohol Awareness is imperative to everyone, not just those involved in a DUI incident. I did, in fact, find this course to be very insightful and informative. It covered subjects I never even pondered and posed real life situations that can affect us all. Thank you for all your services, It was an experience.
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J. S saved my life. My deadline was coming up and there were no local classes available. I was going to have to drive to another state on my suspended license. Thank god you're here.
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